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Sapphire Textile Mills

Sapphire Textile Mills, whose head office in Pakistan, has always been at the forefront of sustainability in the textile industry.

The challenge

To be able to improve the efficiency of their plants and increase cost savings, Sapphire Textile Group, a major player in the textile market in Pakistan, was looking for an industrial boiler. Already knowing the reliability of our boilers, Sapphire therefore approached us.

Solution advantages

Sapphire’s choice fell on our 25 t/h steam boiler because of its ability to provide optimum efficiency using natural gas or heavy fuel oil. The boiler was also equipped with an economizer and air preheater to ensure the highest possible efficiency.

Designed with a focus on sustainability and reducing energy consumption, our boiler has enabled Sapphire Textile Mills to achieve its savings goals while minimizing its environmental impact.

Technical data

SG 2500 fire tube steam generator

Key features & configuration

  • Steam production: 25 t/h 
  • Pressure: 12 barg
  • Combustible: CH4; heavy fuel oil

Controls & Connectivity

  • OptiCloud – remote data collection
  • OptiSupport – augmented reality remote assistance