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Olon Spa is an Italian company that produces Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) using synthetic and biological processes.
With more than 100 years of history and 11 production plants spanning the globe, Olon is today one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical sector, known for its deep knowledge and expertise.

The challenge

Olon’s previous boiler was outdated and inefficient, and no longer able to meet the needs of its thermal power plant.
They wanted to improve the performance of the thermal power plant, satisfying all production needs: availability, flexibility of loads and simplicity of management, reliability and energy efficiency.

Solution advantages

Cannon Bono Energia designed and supplied a turnkey system consisting of two CT water tube steam boilers for the production of superheated water up to 243°C.

The twin HE Smart boilers supplied, one master and one backup, guarantee the highest operating standards. The backup boiler is always ready to support or replace the main one, designed to automatically switch from standby to complete operations in 15 minutes max.

The supply includes:

  • Boiler operator exemption of up to 72 hours
  • OptiSpark, our control and management system for full integration into the process
  • A ZeroGas® series deaerator from our sister company Cannon Artes was placed upstream of the boilers for the removal of excess CO2 and O2 present in the feedwater.

The efficiency and emissions values ​​that we guaranteed went well beyond Olon’s expectations, particularly in regards to emissions.

Technical data

2 CT 35 water tube steam generators

Key features & Configuration

  • HE Smart
  • Steam production: 35 t/h
  • Pressure: 18 barg
  • Fuel: CH4
  • Unattended operation: up to 72 h

Controls & Connectivity

  • OptiSpark – boiler control system