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DPhar is a private Italian integrated biotech company. Its plant near Rome employs 130 people and is dedicated to fermentation products.

The challenge

DPhar implemented an investment program to modernize the equipment involved in the production processes. This modernization, aimed at increasing the plant’s production capacity, was developed to maximize safety and environmental sustainability.

Solution advantages

We supplied a tailor-made and fully-integrated and interconnected plant composed of:

  • A high-efficiency fire tube steam boiler (HE Smart) equipped with an energy recovery package to minimize fuel consumption, and hardware for 4.0 integration of the production process.
  • A water treatment plant provided by our sister company Cannon Artes. This system was conceived to make water suitable for all uses, minimizing the use of chemicals.

Thanks to the Industry 4.0 hardware and the OptiSpark control system, the steam generator can automatically access Cannon Bono Energia’s support services:

  • OptiSupport for direct remote access of our technicians to the boiler PLC
  • OptiCloud for interconnection to the proprietary cloud.

Technical data

SG 1500 fire tube steam generator

Key features & Configuration

  • HE Smart
  • Steam production: 15 t/h
  • Pressure: 12 barg
  • Fuel: CH4
  • Unattended operation: up to 72 h

Controls & Connectivity

  • OptiSpark – boiler control system
  • OptiCloud – remote data collection
  • OptiSupport – AR remote assistance