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Delipapier, part of the privately owned Italian Sofidel Group, has taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability with its mill in Nancy, France.

The challenge

In 2012, Delipapier awarded a contract to Cannon Legos (formerly Bono Sistemi), a leading provider of turnkey biomass cogeneration plants, to replace its gas-fired boiler with a biomass-fired boiler house.

Solution advantages

The Delipapier project is a customized design, considering the specific fuel (wood chips and wood waste) and the environmental regulations enforced in France at the time.

The project was based around a new biomass-fired boiler that operates on wood waste, producing 13 tons of steam per hour at 20 barg. In addition to the boiler, our team from Legos supplied a wood waste storage and handling system and a feeding system to the combustion grate.

Technical data

Biomass-fired boiler house (turnkey supply)

Key Features & Configuration

  • Steam production: 13 t/h
  • Pressure: from 20 barg
  • Biomass: wood chips; wood waste