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Staatsolie, Suriname National’s Energy, Oil&Gas Company

A leading player in the Oil & Gas sector operating the Tout Lui Faut refinery south of Paramaribo, renowned for its innovative approaches to energy production and commitment to sustainable practices in the region.

The challenge

Staatsolie needed to expand the energy plant’s capacity by integrating a new, robust boiler designed to endure the harsh conditions of the refinery. This boiler had to withstand corrosive gases and the challenges posed by its proximity to the sea, ensuring reliable and efficient operations in a demanding environment.

Solution advantages

We were commissioned to supply a highly customized third fire tube boiler, capable of producing 12 t/h of superheated steam at 260°C, running on both fuel gas and heavy fuel oil.

We delivered an SG 1200 fire tube steam boiler featuring advanced engineering and a dedicated burner capable of using various fuels, including refinery waste gases, to enhance fuel efficiency and meet Staatsolie’s specific requirements.

This reinforced our partnership and commitment to innovation in the oil and gas industry.

Technical data

SG 1200 Fire Tube Steam Generators

Key Features & Configuration

  • Steam production: 12 t/h
  • Three-pass design
  • Design pressure: 14 barg
  • Superheated steam temperature: up to 260 °C
  • Fuel: gas (including refinery waste gases), heavy fuel oil

Controls & Connectivity

  • Customized boiler control system