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ROM Energy

ROM Energy, a Romanian company specializing in steam condensate systems and process instrumentation, services major end users where boilers are a necessary part of the production process, including the food & beverage market.

UM 200 fast steam generator (horizontal version) for ROM Energy

The challenge

Due to a challenging local regulation in Timisoara, Romania, the client – a major end user in the beverage and soft drinks production market – needed to replace the classic fire tube boilers that powered a production line due to its proximity to a populated area. ROM Energy sought our team’s expertise and advanced technology to quickly provide a solution. Based on their specific needs, we provided a coil type boiler as the ideal option for a rapid change, ensuring that the end user didn’t experience too much downtime.

Solution advantages

Coil type boilers are the safest solution following local regulations for plants close to populated areas due to the reduced water content compared to fire-tube boilers. 

However, this different technology can work just as well for the same application, with an Economizer to recover energy from the flue gases leading to an efficiency of 93% and a cold start-up time of a few minutes.

Technical data

UM 200 fast steam generator (horizontal version)

Key Features & Configuration

  • Steam production: 2 t/h
  • Working pressure: 8 barg 
  • Fuel: natural gas; diesel oil

Controls & Connectivity

  • Standard control panel