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Grand Candy

The largest Armenian food company, Grand Candy produces chocolates, candies and ice cream.

The challenge

The company’s existing thermal plant was obsolete and no longer able to meet the needs of the new production lines. A new boiler house was needed to cover the whole production plant’s requests and utilities while maintaining efficiency and keeping emissions low.

Solution advantages

We supplied four HE Smart series fire tube steam generators:

  • Two 16 ton/h and two 25 ton/h steam generators
  • Equipped with OptiSpark, the boiler control and management system
  • Equipped with Low NOx burners (≤80 mg/Nm3), minimizing the emissions of NOx and CO2
  • A water treatment station provided by our sister company Cannon Artes

Thanks to their configuration with low-NOx burners and heat recovery systems, our boilers reach > 97.5% efficiency, in any working conditions.
Furthermore, OptiSpark allows:

  • The customer to independently adjust the boilers’ loads, and check the performance in real-time
  • The boilers to operate at the highest efficiency at all times

Technical data

2 SG 2500 and 2 SG 1600 fire tube steam generators

Key features & Configuration

  • HE Smart
  • Steam production: up to 25 t/h
  • Pressure: 15 barg
  • Fuel: CH4
  • Unattended operation: up to 72 h

Controls & Connectivity

  • OptiSpark – boiler control system