Desco S.p.A., active in southern Italy in the production of canned foods since 1963, specializes in semi-finished tomato-based products.

Desco plant in Southern Italy

The challenge

Cannon Bono Energia boilers have powered Desco’s production since the 1970s. To advance their production processes, in 2008 Desco built a new plant in Pontinia, central Italy, and sought new, upgraded solutions that would allow them to also pursue energy consumption reduction and continuous improvement in addition to meeting their performance needs.

Solution advantages

To meet their needs, our team supplied two new 20 t/h SG HE 2000 units. The SG HE Smart series is the most efficient product from our steam boiler range, equipped with a load-sharing system to autonomously manage the power generated by the boilers optimizing the generator’s operation while maintaining the best condition of pressure stability for plants using steam.

Since their installation, preliminary evaluations show a reduction in natural gas consumption by 7-8% with excellent plant stability.

Technical data

2 SG 2000 fire tube steam generators

Key Features & Configuration

  • HE Smart
  • Steam production: 2 x 20 t/h
  • Pressure: 12 barg
  • Fuel: CH4
  • Unattended operation: up to 72 h

Controls & Connectivity

  • OptiSpark – boiler control system
  • OptiSupport – remote assistance