A2A Spa is an Italian utility provider that generates, distributes, and markets renewable energy, electricity, gas, integrated water supply, and waste management services. The division A2A Calore & Servizi owns the district heating plant in Brescia (Italy) and its distribution network. The plant serves approximately two-thirds of the city and some neighborhoods, and integrates a large municipal waste incinerator from which thermal energy is recovered.

The challenge

The company wanted to replace the three old coal- and heavy fuel oil-fired boilers by installing three new natural gas generators, integrating the important thermal load provided by the waste-to-energy plant.

Solution advantages

The turnkey plant includes:

  • Three superheated water tube boilers designed to provide a total output of 240 MW fed with natural gas
  • A system for the integration of the thermal load coming from an incinerator

The use of natural gas, in opposition to the fuel oil and coal previously used in this plant, makes it possible to reduce emissions, protecting the surrounding environment and the population.
The new generators provide the thermal energy needed by the grid during peak hours when there is not enough heat from the incinerator to meet demand.

Technical data

3 CTH water tube steam generators

Key features & Configuration

  • Thermal capacity: 80 MW
  • Fuel: CH4