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Pirelli Russia

Pirelli is the world’s leading tire manufacturer. At its plant in Voronezh, Russia, it produces top-quality tires for trucks and heavy-duty tires for the European market.

The challenge

In 2012 the company started the process of completely replacing its existing plants in Russia, in order to make the Voronezh plant the most technologically advanced.

Solution advantages

For Pirelli, we built a complete thermal plant, consisting of:

  • Three water tube boilers with a total capacity of 53 megawatts
  • A water treatment section, supplied by our sister company Cannon Artes, fully integrated with the boiler house.

The heat recovery system that our boilers are equipped with transfers the thermal energy still present in the flue gas to a heat exchanger installed on the water supply line, ensuring superior levels of efficiency.

The proprietary electronic control system of the thermal power plant also manages the load distributions of the three boilers and the water treatment functions. In this way, processes are optimized and operating costs are cut.

Technical data

3 CT 25 water tube steam generators

Key features & Configuration

  • Steam production 25 t/h 
  • Pressure: 26 barg
  • Fuel: CH4