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Donau Carbon Technologies Srl

Donau Carbon Technologies (DCT) is an Italian company that develops customized solvent recovery plants and regenerative thermal oxidation plants for treating volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The challenge

Recovering or correctly disposing of solvents requires very high temperatures. The boilers required by DCT plants must therefore pursue two main objectives:

  • Efficiency by recovering as much heat as possible for use in other processes or utilities
  • Reduction of emissions and elimination of VOCs, present in solvents, that are highly polluting

Solution advantages

Given the particularity of DCT’s plants, we supplied two highly efficient types of boilers:

  • Recovery boilers use waste heat in flue gas from regenerative thermal oxidation plants to create energy for other processes or utilities
  • Thermal oil heaters ensure both very high temperatures (up to 350°C) and thermal stability, and are the ideal solution for heating nitrogen that strips the solvent, and subsequently recovering it

Technical data

2 SMR 7000 and an FTR 3000 recovery fire tube steam generators

Key features & Configuration

  • Steam production: up to 10 t/h
  • Pressure: 15 barg

OMVR 3000 recovery thermal oil heater

Key features & Configuration

  • Thermal capacity: 3 MW

6 OMV thermal oil heaters

Key features & Configuration

  • Thermal capacity: 1 – 3 MW