The customer

Grand Candy is the biggest Armenian company in the food market and produces candies, chocolates, ice creams. Recently, the company invested for the implementation of its production lines and the complete substitution of the previous boiler house.

Grand Candy Sweets

The challenge

The already existing thermal plant was obsolete and no longer able to meet the needs of the new production lines.

The company was thus looking for a new boiler house, able to cover the requests of the whole production plant and of the utilities.

Efficiency and low emissions where prerogatives for the customer.

The solution

Cannon Bono Energia supplied four fire tube steam generators HE Smart series, for a total steam production of 82 t/h composed by two of 16 ton/h and two of 25 ton/h, all equipped with OptiSpark, the boiler control and management system. An additional OptiSpark system was provided for the boilers load sharing system and for the integration of the overall thermal power plant with the rest of the production process.

The HE Smarts supplied are equipped with Low-Nox burners (≤80 mg/Nm3) especially designed by Cannon Bono Energia, that, together with the automatic optimization of combustion obtained thanks to OptiSpark, allow to minimize the emissions of Nox (nitrogen oxide) and CO2, while the proprietary heat recovery system, also developed internally, allows to recover the heat produced by combustion, reducing and constantly keeping the temperature of the flue gases at the boiler’s outlet (maximum 85°C).

Thanks to Cannon Bono Energia technology, the boilers operate at the maximum constant level of efficiency.

Together with the four steam boilers, Cannon Bono Energia supplied also a complete water treatment station, composed by double deferisation filter columns, double softening columns, suitable to produce 65 mc/h of treated water, plus two thermal physical deaerators complete with vertical degassing tower 42mc/h each at 105°c with O2 residual content of 0,01 ppm.

Grand Candy new boiler house with Cannon Bono Energia steam generators

The advantages

The HE Smart boilers configuration, together with low-Nox burner and heat recovery systems, allow to reach a boiler efficiency > 97,5 %, avoiding the risk of acid condensations, to minimize the emissions in atmosphere and, thanks to OptiSpark, which integrates the boiler with the whole process, the customer after the training carry out by our engineers, can independently adjust the load of the boilers and check its performance in real time.

OptiSpark and HE-Smart boiler configuration, allows the boilers also to operate constantly at the highest level of efficiency, even with load or feed water temperature variation. Furthermore, it remotely connects the entire thermal power plant to Cannon Bono Energia, which can constantly monitor the performance of the installed boilers, provide diagnostics extremely fast in case of anomalies and can quickly help the customer in solving them.

In addition, thanks to the support of Cannon Eurasia, the Russian-Cannon branch based in Moscow, that followed the entire project, Grand Candy can count on timely local support, able to respond to every possible need.

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