The customer

Ghelfi Ondulati is an Italian company that since 1952 produces and prints corrugated carbon, transforming it into packaging, displays and containers which combine high levels of resistance, creativity and quality of print. At Buglio in Monte (SO) plant, 140 employees produce over 70 million square meters of cardboard each year for the Italian and European markets.

Cannon Bono Energia for Ghelfi Ondulati

The challenge

The key component of the plant is the up-to-date BHS corrugator, a unique production line that crimps and combines different kind of papers, cutting them to size, ready for the printing. The production requires to the thermal plant a high day-time load and a low night-time load, when production is reduced and only some technical rooms have to be kept warm.

The previous thermal power plant was undersized compared to the needs and it was therefore necessary to replace it with a boiler that was reliable, to ensure a continuous production of steam, a productivity without material waste and to guarantee the high quality of the product.

Furthermore, Ghelfi Ondulati follows today the lean philosophy: no waste, even in terms of energy. This means that, considering the highly energy-consuming process and the variability of the cost of gas and electricity, an efficient boiler able to reduce consumption was fundamental.

The solution

The solution Cannon Bono Energia supplied met all Ghelfi Ondulati needs.

The HE Smart steam generator works with the highest level of efficiency in all conditions, even with those typical of a paper mill, such as the feed water at 160 ° C. Its heat recovery system, developed internally, allows obtaining very high efficiency, making maximum use of the heat produced by combustion, constantly keeping the flue gas temperature low (max 85 ° C).

The boiler is equipped with OptiSpark, the control and management system able to integrate the steam generator with the process and to achieve a very flexible steam production. OptiSpark ensures the constant operation of the boiler at its optimum point and guarantees maximum levels of efficiency. Furthermore, it provides a punctual and continuous diagnosis of the boiler, and is remotely connected to the Cannon Bono Energia assistance service.

Cannon Bono Energia solution for Ghelfi Ondulati

The advantages

Thanks to HE Smart efficiency and reliability, Ghelfi Ondulati has been able to reduce energy waste: the boiler does not require human intervention, it automatically and quickly responds to the load variations required by production and works constantly at its optimum point.

This results in significant savings for the customer.

Furthermore, the remote assistance service guarantees continuous monitoring of the efficiency and state of the machine, rapid diagnosis and prompt intervention in case of anomalies.

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