The customer

Donau Carbon Technologies (DCT) is an Italian company which develops solvent recovery plants and regenerative thermal oxidation plants for the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The goals? Reducing solvent consumption, recovering and reusing that already used, and the harmful emissions.

The challenge

Recovering or correctly disposing the solvents requires very high temperatures. The boilers required by DCT plants must therefore mainly pursue two objectives:

  • Efficiency, recovering as much heat as possible, to use it in other processes or utilities.
  • Reduction of emissions and elimination of VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds, present in solvents, highly polluting.

Furhermore, DCT realizes extremely customized plant all over the world: the customization concerns the type of solvent to be treated and the quantity, as well as the safety and emission regulations proper of the country in which the plant will be installed.

For these reasons, each boiler, the heart of these systems, must necessarily be designed and built ad hoc, and is unique in its kind.

RTO con caldaia a recupero Cannon Bono Energia

The solution

The very high temperatures (over 1000° C) required by a regenerative thermal oxidation plant for the elimination of VOCs generate fumes above 800° C, which can be recovered thanks to Cannon Bono Energia recovery boilers, and used to feed other processes or utilities.

These boilers, in addition to being highly customizable, have a high thermal efficiency at all pressure levels.

For solvent recovery plants with activated carbon, Cannon Bono Energia has supplied diathermic oil heaters, able to reach particularly high temperatures – up to 350 ° C – used to heat the nitrogen with which the solvent is stripped and recovered.

The advantages

Donau Carbon Technologies can count on a technological partner which manufactures highly efficient solutions, with low environmental impact and tailor made, which can be fully integrated with the very customized systems that DCT supplies to its customers.

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