The customer

Cartiera Olona ​​was founded in 1968 in Gorla Minore (province of Varese) thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Lorenzo Belvisi.

Today the company in its third generation, produces about 50,000 tons per year of cardboard of different weights and with different characteristics, based on specific customer requests.

The challenge

Inside the Gorla Minore production plant, the thermal power plant mainly serves the production line dedicated to drying the finished product. Previously, energy and heat were provided by a boiler that has become obsolete over time with respect to the plant’s requirements.

For this reason, the company has chosen to replace the previous generator with a more modern, extremely reliable and flexible one, able to guarantee very high levels of efficiency and to respect the high standards of sustainability and energy efficiency, fundamental for Cartiera Olona.

Furthermore, in order to avoid too prolonged system shutdowns, the installation and start-up of the new boiler had to be carried out as soon as possible.

Cartiere Olona: Cannon Bono Energia Boiler

The solution

In response to the precise requests of the customer, Cannon Bono Energia supplied a fire tube steam generator of the HE Smart series, equipped with OptiSpark control and management system.

The generator produces 15 ton/h of steam at 15 bar and, thanks to OptiSpark, reaches very high levels of flexibility, both in load variations and in cold restarts. All while maintaining:

  • consistently high total efficiency
  • CO2 and Nox emissions low.

In addition, the compact lay-our developed on a skid, and the fact of having previously tested the boiler in Cannon Bono Energia workshops (as you may know, all our boilers are tested before delivery; if you want to know more, read the dedicated article), allowed a quick and safe installation and start-up on field.

The advantages

Greater stability of the production process and high energy savings (and consequent cost reduction) are just some of the advantages obtained by Cartiera Olona thanks to the new HE Smart steam generator by Cannon Bono Energia.

Cartiera Olona - Watch the video [Italian]