The customer

Barilla is the world leader in pasta production. The company, born in Parma in 1877, is today present all over the world. In 2012, Barilla decided to improve the efficiency of the boiler house of Pedrignano (PR – Italy) plant, replacing one of the three boilers, no longer working

Cannon Bono Energia for Barilla

The challenge

The boiler house works as a backup of the cogeneration plant with natural gas, which provides to the whole factory electricity, the superheated water and the steam required by the process and by the heating of the rooms. In order not to impact the quality of the finished product, it is necessary that both the rooms and the process have a constant temperature. Furthermore, in case of peak demand, sudden stops or during the maintenance phases of the cogeneration plant, it is essential that the backup boilers are ready to cover the whole plant requirement.

Due to the huge demand for energy, the generators had to be modern, efficient and reliable.

The entire factory and the plants contained are anti-seismic. Even the boiler, therefore, and the relative chimney had to be made according to these requirements, but also with tailored and precise dimensions, having to be lowered from the top in order to be installed: to do this, a part of the roof had to be demolished.

Fase installazione Generatore di Vapore Cannon Bono Energia

The solution

Cannon Bono Energia supplied Barilla with a fire tube boiler SG series of 25 ton/h for the production of superheated water, whose dimensions has been specifically thought to meet the customer installation requirements. The heat exchanger has been built into a a structure of steel joists, in order to protect it in case of earthquake.

The boiler is fitted with a Low Nox burner and an OptiSpark control and management system (both developed by Cannon Bono Energia) which allow the boiler to work at maximum efficiency, optimizing combustion at best.

The advantages

The thermal plant with Cannon Bono Energia boiler works now with performance that exceeds expectations in terms of efficiency and emissions: the targets required by Barilla have been largely overcome and the levels of efficiency and emissions obtained are such as to allow the company to look forward to the future for many years.

To all Barilla personnel involved in the management of the thermal plant, Cannon Bono Energia has provided a training course.

In 2016, Cannon Bono Energia supplied Barilla with another 25 ton/h fire tube boiler, identical to the previous one, installed in the same plant.