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Who we are

Our company is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, installation, service, and maintenance of industrial boilers for standard and special applications including plug-in solutions, package solutions, and site-erected plants.
All products are manufactured in Italy, with our plants covering a surface of 31,000 square meters.

What we do

Innovative design with energy efficiency in mind

In designing industrial boilers, our commitment is primarily energy saving, energy efficiency improvement, emission reduction, low environmental impact, and keeping high energy efficiency during the plant’s service life.

Long-lasting performance boilers

A proven efficient after-sales services offer original spare parts, maintenance activities, energy efficiency improving interventions, and NOx reduction.

Research & Development focused on our customer tomorrow’s needs

Our R&D department is devoted to increasing the efficiency of boilers and thermal plants through waste gas heat recovery and optimization of electric energy consumption.

Industry 4.0

We supply systems and equipment to embed boilers in Industry 4.0 factories. We also provide digital tools to upgrade existing boilers to become Industry 4.0 ready.


Our technical department provides process and mechanical design in compliance with PED, machinery and ATEX directives, GOST- R & RTN, and SELO certification, according to the principal international codes, such as ASME, European standards, AD 2000, BS 1113.

The Cannon Group

We are part of the Cannon Group, an international machinery manufacturing holding, which comprises more than 30 companies and branches worldwide. Dedication to continuous innovation and a strong commitment to reducing the ecological footprint are the drivers of all Group’s technology developments, with a clear focus on energy efficiency, resource consumption reduction, and emissions reduction.
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