Cannon Bono Energia’s range of waste heat recovery steam generators are used for steam production or energy generation utilising the waste heat from gas turbines, medium speed diesel engines or recovering the waste heat of some industrial processes.

Besides the capacity to offer in-house built boilers, Cannon Bono Energia is able to develop all the mechanical and thermal system design, thanks to the experience and know-how of the technical department. That allows Cannon Bono Energia to offer complete turn-key solutions, from the gas turbine or engine outlet to the boiler exhaust stack.

The most common design of Cannon Bono Energia’s heat recovery steam generators is a water-tube, bi-drum, natural circulation structure (CTR series) which offers a capacity up to 60 MWt, steam pressure up to 70 bar and temperatures up to 550°C. This boiler design presents several advantages:

• modular package design, with the possibility to meet specific customer needs
• factory pre-assembled and tested boiler and economiser
• simple, fast and safe site installation
• proved design with rapid start up capability
• quick response of the steam output to load/heat input variations
• high thermal efficiency at all pressure levels
• minimal maintenance and cost effective operation
• ease of access for internal inspection

In addition, Cannon Bono Energia is able to provide other heat recovery solutions, such as:

• Fire tube boilers (SMR series)
• Diathermic oil heaters (HTHR series)
• Superheated water boilers (CTHR series)

All these solutions can provide auxiliary burners as integration of steam generation or to completely satisfy the requirement independently of the main engine. Cannon Bono Energia can study and design any other specific need to make the most appropriate product.

Our technicians specialized in after sales service, located all over the world, can easily approach and solve any problem related to the operation of Cannon Bono Energia’s boilers.

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